Shabby Chic pictures and other fun stuff.

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We thought you might like to get an idea of what you might see at our shop or shows. This is a small taste of what you might find for your palace!

Make a wish! Made from glass glitter, vintage paper and lots of love.

Stuffed animal on a cake made of diapers.

Becky dressed up for Halloween selling Shabby Chic at our church party. Dressed up as what?! Not sure this is appropriate dress for church!

How about a vintage bed for your princess?

This is Becky’s dog. Looks more like a squirrel or a rodent of some sort don’t you think? He won't be at the shows, I promise.

Stunning glittered paper mache carrousel horse.

Ice skates and other accesories.

Becky made this cake out of diapers for a baby shower. What an idea!

Beautiful vintage dresser w/mirror.

How about a Hall Tree?

Becky's family vacation to Mexico.

Dressed up giraffe.

Shabby Chic ice skates.

Vintage bottles adorned with vintage music paper, glass glitter and hand made ribbon roses.

Everything you see here is done by hand with a lot of time and love.